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A few examples:

  • By optimizing the browser it is possible to save up to 60% of the data while still enjoying the same content
  • Use compression – on android and IOS you can use an app “Onavo Extend” which provides you extra data compression over all the data on your mobile device
  • Avoid Unnecessary or Large downloads - No bit torrents / downloading of media / online gaming, discourage file sharing on IM
  • Send Smart Emails - Instead of emailing people one at a time, a group email may be more efficient
  • Clean Home page - set home pages to – this is about the cleanest smallest page ever. Your home page is your most visited, it should be light. This can be set via go to: Tools > Internet options
  • RSS Reader - Most modern sites now have RSS feeds. One can also follow Facebook news feed, digg news, weather, and blogs with RSS

Yes.  The default language of the web interface is English.  You can change the language to French, German, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin (Chinese) or Japanese. 


Yes.  Map locations can be entered manually in the Fleet One app


The TracPhone Fleet One does not have a built-in wireless LAN (WLAN) access point. If you want to use WLAN to access the TracPhone Fleet One you must connect an external WLAN access point (not provided) with the TracPhone Fleet One.


No.  KVH offers just post-paid VoIP, Data and SMS.

Yes. The TracVision 5/base plate kit is available for TracPhone Fleet One. The KVH part number is 72-0744.

Yes.  You can make intra-ship calls to other phones connected to the TracPhone Fleet One.

To make an intra-ship call the user would, dial <local number> followed by off-hook key (from IP handset or smartphone) or # (from an analog phone). 

Example: To call a smartphone assigned the number 0502 and connected via a

WLAN access point to the LAN interface of the TracPhone Fleet One, a user would dial: 0502

The chart below shows local and special purpose numbers.


No.  You cannot swap out a TracPhone Fleet One SIM with one of your own.  The TracPhone Fleet One has a dedicated TracPhone Fleet One SIM card and an airtime subscription is required for use.


Yes.  You can setup up to two external data connections (see example below).  These external devices communicate with the TracPhone Fleet One using PPPoE or AT commands through the LAN interface.



Yes.  The TracPhone Fleet One system can be used for tracking purposes. 

Option 1: The terminal can be set up to report to a server at certain time intervals or after moving a specified distance.  To use the tracking feature a customer must set up a tracking server. The TracPhone Fleet One system must be set up to match this server. Once set up on both sides, the TracPhone Fleet One system will send position reports to the server as specified.

Option 2: Using Apps such as e.g. SAFETRX that do not require server setup.

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