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TracPhone V3HTS Airtime Plans

Introducing the new TracPhone V3HTS

Streaming speeds, high-speed channel –
The Power to do it All

The TracPhone V3HTS and mini-VSAT Broadbandsm network offer data rates as fast as 5 Mbps/2 Mbps (down/up). These maximum speeds are faster than the leading competing Ku-band 60cm and 80 cm VSAT systems and more than double the download speeds and more than 15 times the upload speed of the TracPhone V3IP. Plus, with the single high-speed channel, you get the fastest available network speeds at all times with no throttling or protocol restrictions.1

Get all the details on TracPhone V3HTS
TracPhone V3-HTS

High-speed Channel Advantages
  • Stream HD content
  • Chat via services like WhatsApp™
  • Check email
  • Browse the Internet
  • Get weather and chart information
  • Check in with the office

Airtime Rates

Metered Standard Rate Plans
All plans feature: data + 1 phone line, and data rates as fast
as 5 Mbps/2 Mbps (down/up)2

HTS-M200 $99 200 $0.99
HTS-M1000 $499 1,000 $0.69
HTS-M2000 $999 2,000 $0.49
HTS-M5000 $1,999 5,000 $0.39

Airtime Rates and Activation

The TracPhone V3HTS provides new flexibility with affordable metered airtime plans that provide:

  • Month-to-month contract term3
  • No service termination fee
  • Flexible options to switch plans or temporarily suspend service

1 Excluding BitTorrent and all such protocols.
2 Data rates are rate plan maximums and may vary in different regions or different conditions.
3 Applies only to purchase of the TracPhone V3HTS. Leases require airtime commitment for the duration of the lease.

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