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MOVIElink for Commercial Ships & Oil Rigs

Delight your crew with licensed movies,
offering new releases from around the world

Available Movies

Check out a selection of the extensive range of Hollywood and International films, including Bollywood, European and Tagalog

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MOVIElink is available in a variety of formats to match your technology and distribution requirements:

  • Choose DVDs delivered directly to your ship agents anywhere in the world
  • Our fully digital service for fleets with digital media players or IPTV systems
  • Vessels equipped with KVH mini-VSAT Broadband service can receive MOVIElink at sea, via IP-MobileCast, without affecting the communications system's performance or monthly data usage

MOVIElink delivers:

  • Crew favorite ‘Box Office’ package providing 10 new movies per month
  • Content licensed for use on vessels from top Hollywood, Bollywood, and
    international movie studios
  • A simple, proven and effective crew welfare service; helps to fulfill specific
    MLC 2006 recommendations relating to seafarer entertainment and make
    you an employer of choice

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KMG Content Learn more about KVH's Commercial
Maritime Content Services

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As the leading distributor of licensed films and entertainment content to the merchant maritime commercial market for over 65 years, we know what your crew wants and how to get it to them 

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