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Mobile Satellite TV

KVH TracVision Satellite TV Antennas
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1 Services may require different LNB types.
2 Limited coverage in certain regions in N. America and Europe; visit www.kvh.com/tvfootprints for details.
3 Requires region-specific LNB, receiver, and service; receiver not included.
4 Ku-band services only.
5 Compatible with Ku-band HD services worldwide. Details at www.kvh.com/tvfootprints. For DISH Network subscribers, requires DISH Network VIP211 HDTV receiver.
6 Single receiver system.
7 Unless subject to in-country regulations.
8 Optional system configuration – contact KVH for details and pricing.

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TracVision RV1
mobile satellite tv
  TracVision RV1 TracVision A9
Description In-motion, HDTV-compatible satellite TV antenna system
Low-clearance satellite TV antenna solution
Satellite Coverage Regions 1 North America & Europe2,3

North America
(Full in-motion reception of satellite TV signals on open roads with a clear view of the TV satellites in the southern sky throughout most of the continental U.S.)

Compatible Satellite TV Services DIRECTV 4, DISH Network, Bell TV in North America
Linear Ku-band regional services in Europe2
Antenna Unit Diameter x Height/Weight 34.3 cm x 33.7 cm (13.5" x 13.3")/
3.6 kg (8 lbs)
81 cm x 12.7 cm (32" x 5")/

22.5 kg (49.5 lbs)

HDTV Compatible Yes 5


LNB Types Available (polarization/output) Linear Universal Single 6

Stacked Circular

User Interface TV-Hub web interface

TV-Hub web interface

Satellite Acquisition



Supports Multiple Receivers (dual-output LNB) Yes (Circular LNB)
Receiver Included



Available Dome Colors



Automatic Satellite Switching



High Signal Strength Acquisition (50-51 dBW)



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