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KVH Industries Japan Co., Ltd

KVH’s Tokyo-based regional office in Japan, which opened in 2012, reflects a growing market in Asia for KVH’s maritime satellite communications solutions. It also allows KVH to provide additional support to leading partners, including satellite operator SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation. Through a satellite-capacity leasing arrangement with SKY Perfect JSAT, KVH has provided mini-VSAT Broadband service coverage in Asia-Pacific waters and in the Indian Ocean since 2009. The site also facilitates support for partners Furuno Electric Co., Ltd., and Japan Radio Co., Ltd., which provide and install KVH TracPhone communications systems.

Japan’s maritime shipping industry expanded at the start of the 21st century due to improved shipping rates and increased demand for goods throughout Asia. As of 2011, Japan ranked second in the world in the amount of deadweight tonnage it controlled as a percentage of the world’s fleet, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s “Review of Maritime Transport 2011.” Today, Tokyo ranks 17th in the list of the world’s top 50 container ports, making it a key component of KVH’s global outreach in the entire Southeast Asia region, along with its efforts out of Singapore, the site of KVH’s Asia-Pacific headquarters.

Shrines, Temples, Gardens

With 37 million people, the greater Tokyo area of Japan is the most populous, pricey metropolitan area in the world. The nation’s capital, as well as the seat of the Japanese emperor, it’s situated at 35⁰N, 139⁰ E, affording it seasonal changes that include hot, humid, wet summers and mild, dry winters with occasional snow. A cosmopolitan, cultural and historic center served by excellent public transportation by land and air, it’s also home to one of the leading international financial centers, as well as the location of many top universities and educational institutions in the country. The cityscape is also the setting for many important shrines and temples in the heart of its modern neighborhoods, attracting tourists who seek out festivals celebrating nature, religion, and culture.

Situated in Shinjuku, in western Tokyo, the KVH office is conveniently located near express buses and trains to other destinations throughout the country. The bustling area around Shinjuku Station features an international array of entertainment, cuisine, culture, and nightlife.

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